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Nov 13, 2012 6:00am EST
kelley... a women linked in director.kelley is said to i-a - haae sparked the f-b-i investigation into the relationship betteen petraeus broadwell. the f-b-i is uuder chairwoman dianne feinstein did not tell congressional oversight committees ahead of time about the petraeus affair. "i'm sure both of them look back on what has now transsirrd and reallze thhy poth madd the biggest mmsttkes regret it tremenddusly, but i know, sorttof come roaring bacc." feinstein's committte plans determine how it will proceed on the f-b-i matter. petraeus &pcame to light during an f-b-i e-mails reportedly sent by broadwell to jill kelley. lance armstroog is officially cutting ties... with the foundation.on monday... the pormer professional cyyllst volunttrily resigged ffom its board of directorr... to spare the organization any further negatiie effects from controversy... surroundinn his alleged performance-enhancing drug use.armmtrong helped create the organnzatiin 15 years ago... after he neerly armstrong still denies ever using drugs. the home were michael jackson deaah has sold. the 17-thousand
Nov 13, 2012 5:00am EST
theef-b-i investigation into the relationship between petraeus and is biographer, ppala &pbroadwell.f-b-i gents carrie out boxes from broadwell's charlotte, north carolina home monday night. agentt wouldn't say what they found.the f-b-i is unner scrutiny as well. chairwoman dianne feinsteinn wants tooknow why the f-b-i did not ttll congressional overssght committees ahead of time abbut the petraeus affair. feinssten's committee &pplans to meet privately today to determine how it will broadweel was a biographer for the decorated four-sttr army co-authored the book on petraees with broadwell says booh parties haveeregrets but transpired and realize they both made the bbggest mistakes &pof their lives and uh- i assume both of hem --uh- would bet both of them, yoo i know, sort of come roaring back."there s speculatton broadwell could have received cllssified information during her affaii with petraeus... p-i-a director believe that is - not true."i don't believe him and knowing him that there was anyycrossover between hii peesonal life that he was haviig with paula and his duties that he was carrying out as the director offcia." 3&petraeus resigned friday... a head of the c-i-a.his affair came to light during an f-b-i
Nov 13, 2012 12:00pm CST
into the relationship between petraeus and his biographer, paula broadwell when she told the f-b- i she was getting threatening emails from broadwell. kelly is a petraeus family friend. f-b-i agents meanwhile raided the home of the woman named in an extra-marital affair with former c-i-a director david petraeus. agents carried out two computers and ten boxes from paula broadwell's north carolina home last night. the f-b-i had been investigating claims that broadwell sent harassing e-mails to jill kelly, and in doing so uncovered emails between broadwell and petraeus indicating their affair and leading to petraeus' resignation last week. former new jersey governor jim mcgreevey, no stranger to shocking sex scandals, tells cnn he is not surprised by the scope of this high profile military embarassment. when you look at the generals, these are men that the nation need. yes we need to make sure military secrets were preserved and protected, we also need to understand the human dimension. >> he denies any wrongdoing and will remain the commander in afghanistan. congressman jesse jackson juni
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
appointed... head of april... last year....///the ... f-b-i... received a tip... that he aa involved with his biographer... / aalegation... wss.. being investigated... to... deterrine... if... it was... a sscurity risk. its a bad day for 7 navy seals...thee are are being punished by the miiitary to a video game company. pompany.members... of "seal team six" - - including one who was nnthe raid that killed osama bin laden hhd their pay dooked for two mooths.thh pentaaon ssys they seeved as ppid consultantsson the new "medal of honor" game áá withoutá permission..they're &paccused of showing their official combat gear and spilling sensitive information to make the ame more realistic.. but a former navy seallcommando saas the team didnn reveal anything that at the end of the ddy,,tooo the taliban and al qaeda is warfare warfighter as a training video, assa training aid oo recruitment tool or &precruitment aad. they're not going to use ii. it. the seven already punished will bee ineligible for promotion essentiaaly ending their military careers. a pleassnt grovv man is placed
Nov 12, 2012 5:00pm EST
f-b-i to her relationship with petraeus.- "i don't know anywho was pasn't shocked y kkow that there must be there."petraeus was suppose to testify in thh hharing on he attacks in benghazi, but now theeagency's interim director "michael morel" will speak in is place.. lance armstrong has officiallyy foundation. h the livestroog today, a livestrong ssokesperson ccnfirmed that the disgracee orrer professional cyclist voluntarill reeigned from its board off irectors. armstroog helped create thh organization 15- yeaas ago after he nearly died of testicular cancerr according to livestrong... armstrong teeped down to spare the organization ny further negative effects as a career. the mmve is the lateet allegattons armstrong used performance-enhancing ddugs. armstrong has not dmitted to using the substances, but e has aaso chosen not to ight the chargee against him. earlier we told ttat kevin clash ...theedundalk native street character elmo has taken a eavv of absencc. accusations that he had sex pith an uuderage boy....ut no crrmmnal ccarges have been file. filed. its our
Nov 12, 2012 12:00pm CST
including medicare. find your co-pay at congressional leaders want to know more about the f-b-i investigation that led to the sudden resignation of c-i-a director david petraeus. he stepped down last friday after an f-b-i investigation uncovered evidence of an extra- marital affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. a friend and former top aid to petraeus says the affair began in 20-11. two months after he became c-i-a director. sources say the fbi had been investigating broadwell for allegedly sending harassing e- mails to another woman, who was close to petraeus. lawmakers, like senate intelligence committee chairwoman dianne feinstein, say they should have known about the probe and she plans to investigate the f-b-i. also this week congressional hearings begin on the deadly consulate attack in benghazi. the man known as the voice of elmo is taking a leave of absence from sesame street. after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16- year-old boy. "t-m-z" online reports kevin clash admits he had a relationship with the young man seven years ago but says it was after the ac
Nov 10, 2012 10:30pm EST
an extra marital was appointed head of laagley and april last eaa .... the f-b-i received a tip that he wassinvolved with his biograaherr...paull broadwell ... the allegation was being investigated to determine if it was a security risk. his resignation comes just a eek before petraeus house and senate intelligence - hearingg. those hearings eleventh attack on the u-s consulate in libya. molly henneberg explains why petraeus woo't be the onll perron who won'' be availabll to testify testiff pore truths begin o trickle consulate in libya. the state department says -- paper trail.nuland says: "we've had requests for committees and from a numbbr of staff and membbrs. we have noo made documents vailable &p mann on capitol hill wan to know what hhppennd before, purinn, anddafter the attack... whichhkilleddfour americans -- includiig corkerr ays: "the aftermath, - phe misleading statements, what we wann to know is what happened and if was there aa fail of intelligence." republicans say the wite house failed to provide adequatt ddplomatic security aae deffnding the administratiin's foreign
Nov 14, 2012 10:00pm EST
... kelley's commlaints... - about... to... the f-b-i.../ that... sparked... the ffb-i... preturned broadwell's home... in... north &pcarolina... mmnday .../ and... took... computers.... and... boxes of documents.../ apparently... contain ... classified information...///.at... his... firrt... áfull á... news conference ... aa... the white -month sees... - no... indicatiin... petraeus ... gavvá... broadwell... p those documents. evidence, at this point, fromm what i've ssennthat classified information was disclosed that ii any way would have had a negaaive impact on our national security" securrtyy preeiddnt obamm... also addressing... the nation'ss durinn is news conference - the... commander-in- phief says... he'll... álookk at entitlements -/ but... ástanding firmá... on his promise... to increase taxes... for... the top 2-perccnt... of taxpayers sot - obama says: "... i'm open to comprommse and i'm been encouuaged overrtheepast week to hear repubbican after republican agrre on the need for more revenue frommthe wealthiest amerrcans as part &pof our arithm
Nov 16, 2012 12:00pm CST
national security. the context is a little clearer... about the f-b-i agent who helped start the investigation that led to petraeus' downfall. there were reports frederick humphries sent a photo of himself without a shirt on... to several people, including a woman named jill kelley, back in 2010. well, this appears to be the photo... it shows him after a "swat" practice, posing between two shirtless and bald dummies with the caption: "which one's fred?" jill kelley went to humphries and told him she was receiving harassing emails from an anonymous person. that person turned out to be paula broadwell. jill kelley sent several emails to her mayor in tampa florida... complaining she was receiving threats. she wrote them in the early hours of tuesday and wednesday. she said her three children are scared, and her husband can't return home from work because there's so much media blocking the driveway. she also stated the truth will one day prevail in this scandal. kelly recently called the police and asked for diplomatic protection... citing her role as honorary consul to south korea.
Nov 15, 2012 5:00am EST
reservist and wasspromoted tt the rank of lieutenant colonel in august.earlier this week, tte f---i rriddd hee home she ended up with military s documents after taking them from a govvrnmmnt building. broadwell denied aaccssing the relationship with petraeus.the f-b-i is tryiig to decide whether tt charge her with a crime. today'' hearing for colorado movie theater shooting suspect pamms holmes... is posttponed. requested the delay after the suspect was taken to the hospital for an unspecified injury, yeeterday.holmes is accused of killing 12 eople and wounding 58 during a midnight scceening of the batman film "thh dark knight rises" this past july.the hearing ii now set for the foundation created by disgraced ycliss lance armstrong has dropped his name... n the wake of a doping scandal.for years... the lance armstrong foundation &phas been informally known as liveetrong.armstrong founded the charity in 19-97 after testiiular cancer. he stepped down from tth ooganization last month after u-ss report clliming armstrong was involved in dopinggduring his career.his fouudation wwll now officially be known as the "livvstrong foundation". are you our biggest fan?then you can become.. our fan of the day! everyday we'll picc one of ourr viewers frommour ff
Nov 12, 2012 6:00am EST
with paula broadwell... a married mother of petreaus entttlld "all in." the f-b-i had allegedly beenn investigating broadwell or another woman, who was close to petraeusslawmakers say they should have known abouute probe. "i mean, this is something they ---that could have had an effect on national securitt. i think we should have been tol" told."petraeus was supppsed to testify about the deadly benghazi attacks this weee... but now the aggncy's interim director, michael mmrell, wiil speak in his place. lance armstrong sends a message to the u-s anti-dooing agency... afterrbeing banned &pfor life from cycling. armmtronggwrote in a tweet "back in austin anddjust layin' around".the message was accompanied by a photo that frrmed tour de france jerseys. - those titles were stripped... after a report came out alleging years f drug use. armstrong has denied the claims. residents in new jersey are struggling to find places to livv... after super stormm homes.thousands offpeople are calling real estate offices... homes. people are also s or looking for hotel rooms... but most are sold ou
Nov 13, 2012 10:00pm EST
about the &poriginal petraeus f-b-i investigation. eith more than 20-thousand people have signed a petition calling wing political cruuaae and 3 focus on the needd of the poor pporfox45 was there this afternoon when the petition was delivered to the u.s. conferencc of catholiccbishops downtown.supporters say they were disappointed by the increasingly partisan and heated rhetoric used by catholic bishopp leading up to this year's election. "iq: iis become increasingly apparent to us.... oq: are leaving the faith ovee it. 3 the petition was delivered by members of the non profit and the online community "faithful america." &pcatholic bishop says the church will never comply with the obama administration maadate to provide birth ccntrrl coverage in health insurrnce.cardinal timothy dolan says the ishhps are open tt talking wwth federal officials... but ill and in court.n legislatures "we stiil believe that the addinistrations assurances that they want to dialogue nd that they're willing to make some accomodations, we're still going to take them at accomplish that." that." houses of worship are exempt from the birth ontrro ruue. but rrligiously affi
Nov 14, 2012 12:00pm CST
the motives of an f-b-i agent involved in the investigation. the agent who was the first person jill kelley approached about broadwell's e-mails had previously sent photos of himself, shirtless, to kelley. that's according to a u-s official.who says that agent was never part of the case. jill kelley tried to claim some sort of government privilege when she called 9-1-1 sunday to complain about reporters outside her home in tampa. >> this should not be able to stay on my property. in reality, kelley is just a volunteer. she is not a government employee, and is not entitled to diplomatic protection. general >> william ward improperly spent thousands of dollars on lavish travel and other expenses. he is being promoted over the findings. he will retire as a three-star general. he will also have to repay the government $82,000. president obama will meet with several business leaders today, and push for his plan to save the economy from the so-called fiscal cliff. this worst-case scenario means tax hikes and spending cuts totaling trillions of dollars... would automatically jump into effec
Nov 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
wooking ith the f-d-a and &pstate officials. the store is pelling customers not to eat the recalled product ann return ffrra full reeunn. b-w-i airport is nammd one of the worst... when t comes to delays.travee and leisure magazineehas the airport the u-s....for delays.the rankings are based on nummers transportation statissicssdata shows thht more than 17- percent of all fllghts out oo b-w-i are delaaed.however, that's a six poiit iiprovement over lasttyear.delays are the worst between two and 11 p-m. "someehing vvry ggod from sandy" sandy..."saved during the hurricane...loggerhead urtle eggs from assateague islann.../ now thee've produced hhtchling.ooly on fox... / get a first look at the newworn at the aquariims rehha center inn baltimmre. 3 --adblib weatherrttz-
Nov 15, 2012 12:00pm CST
start the investigation that led to the downfall of c-i-a director david petraeus is a veteran f-b- i officer. frederick humphries, seen here in this file video, first took a complaint from his friend, jill kelley, about emails that accused her of inappropriate behavior with petraeus. the investigation that followed led to the discovery of the extramarital affair between petraeus and his biographer, paula broadwell. agents determined that broadwell was the one who sent the emails anonymously to jill kelley. humphries made a name for himself in the fbi in building the case against the would-be "millennium" terrorist bomber in 1999. ct well bp will pay billions of dollars and plead guilty to several charges as part of its settlement with the federal government over the worst oil spill in the nation's history. it was back in 2010 when the deep water horizon rig explosion of louisiana's coast. 11 workers were killed and more than 2 1 million gal. of oil was spilled into the gulf of mexico. >> the owner of its pharmacy that destroyed it tainted meningitis vaccine refused to testify on capitol hill. dairy cattle in barry cadden runs the new england, counting center in massachusetts. for the cases of meningitis are linked to his pharmacy and 32 people have died so far. yesterday he took th
Nov 13, 2012 12:30am PST
that was all very timely. just wanted to point that out. on item f, i assume that the hrc form for the waiver of 12 b and 14 b is going to be updated in the future, given the transfer of the contract monitoring function from hrc to the new contract monitoring division under the city administrator. on item g and actually -- let me go at it one at a time. item g, i would hope there would be a report back on what is found with the additional testing in san bruno and how that relates to the groundwater storage project on the west side. >> a point, mr. richy, is that the usually course of business? >> [inaudible]. >> okay. >> thank you. and on item j, the extension of the joint powers agreement with bayshore, i understand the need for that because it appears that negotiations are ongoing. it would have been better, in my opinion, had that come before the commission before the expiration of the agreement at the end of september. so, if that were possible in the future, i just would prefer not to see retroactive actions like that. and finally, on item k, on the appointment to the sjta, which i did not even know
Nov 8, 2012 6:00am EST
more than 17- perceet of all flights out o b-w-i are delayed.however, that's a six point improvementt over last year.delays are the worst between two and 11 p-m. 3 & you've probabbyyseen them &ponline... picturrsstaken folks posing with their ballot. butt f you snappee photo of & you may ave broken the law.. most states prohibit cameras inside polling places and don't allow one to share their ballot.the punishment for sneakkng a sshttof your ballot varies from state to state, unlikely. celebrations are the wake of prrsident obama's - particular.ppople in "ooama 3 in honor of the president.. s - including a mock election..-3&d the president's name.citizens there have been backing obamaa pince the demooratic primaries our years ago... obviouusy ies because of hissname.. coming up... ggtting hands the kitchen. kitthen.we'll find out if i'm &prolling sushi.lenge... of 3& i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office. [ male announcer ] when people switch from cable to verizon fios, there comes a moment when they get it. the difference 100% fiber optics makes. when i
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)